1. Faithfully attend church, whether you have ushering responsibilities that day.
2. Arrive at the church 30 minutes prior to the start of the service.
3. Dress should be appropriate, descent, clean, and neat.
4. Work and receive instructions from the Chief Usher.
5. Get the bulletins and take them to the assigned positions.
6. Maintain supplies at the Altar, make sure pews have adequate hymnals, Bibles, pencils, and offering envelopes if provided. In most churches, these are not provided so your responsibility will be to make sure pews are well organized and neat.
7. Welcome arriving congregation with a warm, friendly smile.
8. Be alert for issues that may need your attention.
9. Provide directions to the nursing mothers, Sunday school children, etc.
10. Assist the elderly and handicapped out of their cars and into the church.
11. Be available for offering, special offerings, and other duties as directed by the Pastor.
12. In some churches, several ushers and church deacons count the offerings and place the offering in the safe.
13. After the offering, at least one usher must remain in the lobby area to offer assistance when needed. They can monitor the hallways for unexpected guests.
14. Be aware of the temperature in the sanctuary.
15. Some churches require an usher to count attendance.
16. Be available around the Alter.
17. After the service has ended, have a designated usher go through the church building to make sure doors and windows are locked and no one else is in the building.
18. Turn out lights, lock all doors and windows, and ensure all power sources are switched off.
19. Provide Emergency help when needed in an orderly fashion.
20. During rainy months, provide rails for the congregation to scrub away mud and wipe their shoes.
For more Ushering Tips please check Church Ushering 101

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