Intentional Encourager

As an Intentional Encourager I’ve noted over time that regardless of the status, all people need an encouragement at some point. I do get invitations to different forums, institutions and even by individuals to just go tell them to Keep on Keeping on, to not give up, to keep pursuing and stay motivated. When I registered one of my company Amb Steve Mbugua Ltd I didn’t know it would grow bigger than all my companies under the Busara Investment Group ( Makinika Afrika Intl, Nairobi Safety House, DOXA Africa Media, Stewa Safaris Kenya Ltd, Nairobi Safety Shop, Busara Farm etc) by the grace of God because of my commitment on Personal Wellness.

In my day to day schedules I have people who request for encouragements from me and others are ready to pay any cost to just host me and hear, ‘Keep on Moving ‘, ‘Don’t Quit’ and so I took it up as one of my Purpose of Existence and Mandate to keep on Encouraging people. I have Authored several Motivational Books, Written Thousands of Inspirational Blogs, Daily post Encouragements on all my Social Media pages and regularly Invited to Speak at both Formal and Informal Forums as a Motivational Speaker. I am an INTENTIONAL ENCOURAGER. It’s fulfilling having something that you do, pursue, and love doing that touch lives . It is a good thing.

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