I am an enthusiastic Ambassador of Safety and wellness with in-depth training, safety advisory and Workplace Safety Behavior Change Coaching experience.  Having been a First aid and safety instructor with Kenya Red-Cross, St John Ambulance and in private practice

I have always stood for Safety. I have served as The Training Manager St John Ambulance Kenya, Director of Training at Bloodlink Foundation and participated in several government committees to develop policies such as the Kenya EMS policy, Machakos County Disaster Preparedness Plan, Kenyatta National Hospital Emergency Preparedness Plan, National Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Plan amongst others

Ambssador of Safety

My mission is to help build a culture of Safety at all places and all the time by providing relevant and appropriate information and equipment that help prevent, prepare for and respond to incidents in a manner that is Safe, Prompt and Effective. This includes. 1. Workplace Safety 2. Home Safety 3.Road Safety 4.Fire Safety 6.School Safety 7.Church Safety 8.Personal Safety and Security

Ambssador of Wellness

My mission is to help people and the society at large adopt, develop and maintain healthy behaviors. This includes 1. Social Wellness 2. Spiritual Wellness 3. Physical Wellness 4. Intellectual Wellness 5. Financial Wellness 6. Emotional and Mental Wellness 7. Environmental Wellness 8. Career/Livelihood Wellness