Youth Mentorship

According to Nacada Report on National Survey on Alcohol and Drugs abuse in Secondary Schools 2016, it’s evident that the consent age of substance and drugs abuse is 13-15 years with 61.5% of drugs supply being among the students.
A survey of 2012 by the Kenyan Ministry of Health, African Population and Health Research Center and IPSAS found that there were 464,000 abortions induced that year.

These are just but a few challenges in our generation and society. We cannot run away from Mentorship and Guidance among the youth. In the quest to nature the next generation and having myself been involved in drug trafficking, dropped out of school into the streets before reforming I decided to use my life experiences to reach out to the youth with a special interest in boys. The program is open to all young people from 10yrs to 40yrs.

I have over time brought together youth groups that I mentor. I take them through a boys to men program and Personal Wellness(Spiritual, Social, Intellectual, Financial, Physical, Emotional & Personal Development). So far I’ve reached out to thousands of them by the grace of God. This is part of Ambassador Of Safety And Wellness Programs.

For Booking for  this service you can contact me using the  contacts details below