How to be a GREAT Church Usher: A course for Church Ushers

A person visiting the church for the first time may forget many things about the service, but he is not likely to forget the usher who met him at the door, or the minister who stood in the pulpit.
First impressions count in any sphere, and the local church is no exception to that rule. First impressions can, and have literally chased away the very people the local assembly was trying to encourage through its doors!
Training and developing all labourers in the vineyard is essential for the effective and efficient running of the church. Ushers should be no exception to this rule. They are the first point of contact with visitors and create a lasting impression, good or bad.
If the usher presents a neat appearance and is alert, friendly, and helpful, the newcomer is off to a good start. He is comfortably seated; he has an order of service settled in a neat and comfortable place, he is ready to worship and to listen to the preacher, and possibly to come again. But if the usher at the door is expressionless and unbending, or fails to perform graciously all the functions of a good usher, something has been lost that cannot easily be recovered. The outcome of a church service and the blessing received depend largely upon trifles, and the quality of ushering is often decisive.
This is an easy to use, essential workbook for any Christian denomination to get to grips with excellent stewardship and hospitality for churches.
My Ushering Training takes a whole day(8 hours probably on a Saturday) or three Sessions(3 Sunday afternoons). You can email me via to book for a session or get a copy of the manual.
My passion is for the body of Christ to work together more effectively so that God’s Kingdom can be expanded even as we usher in the great revival and the promises of a great and glorious latter Church.
One of my personal theme is ‘To remove shame and disgrace in the house of God and among His servants’
This manual is the ultimate guide to serving with excellence in the house of God.

The Art Of Effective Church Ushering – Revised Edition

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