It’s just eight years ago that I got a B. A. Economics degree from Moi University. Am standing at the back in the two photos. Honestly speaking, I have never applied any of the Macro Economics, Micro Economics, Econometrics and Mathematics for Economists formulas that I studied in those four years. During my free time in campus, I pursued my passion in safety and life saving and it is in this line that I have grown in, impacted lives, created opportunities even for other professionals like medics and engineers. During my free time I pursued courses in the line of safety, security and pre-hospital care that has really helped impact in this line.
Most of my course mates and Campus mates ended up in a complete different paths all together. I know one working in a bank as a Credit manager yet he studied Early Child Education, I know an Electrical engineer working as Private Primary School Teacher, most of the Economists ended up being Accountants just a very few became actual Economists. Most of the graduates are thriving in areas they never had an idea of, excelling in the real estate, consultancy, tender-preneurship, business etc. Unfortunately some few are still at home complaining about economy and joblessness, applying and choosing waiting for an opportunity that they qualify for. My first employer was an international NGO. They had advertised for a position of a First Aid Instructor that required a Medical doctor, Public Health, Disaster Management or Occupational Health and Safety graduate with atleast 3 years experience. I applied with neither of the above experience and qualification but during the interview they said they were impressed by my passion and determination. I got the job and got 4 promotions within 3 years.
A University degree does not guarantee job opportunities but it opens your mind to realize who you are, your potential, the opportunities around and techniques to thrive in life. It helps you to think critically and set your mindset right. How has your university/college degree or certificate helped you?

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