My Change of Mindset That Changed My Life

Friends, in 2003 I was working in this Barber shop called Universal Kinyozi and Salon at Tumsifu in Nakuru. I was earning a commission of Ksh 20 per head and would shave on average 5 people per day apart from weekends when I could manage between 10 and 15 heads. I still had a dream of becoming a great business man one day as well as a DJ(the dream died after Homeboyz Dj school disappointed me). I kept on doing my best in everything I got my hands to do. At some point I went back to school to help fast track the process. I had dropped out of School in 1999 while in form two but later in 2004 I went back to school, 2006 scored A- in KCSE, joined Moi University to pursue a Degree in BA Economics and graduated in 2012 with a Second Class Upper Honours with alot of other qualifications from my part-time studies while in Campus. The part-time studies included Health and Safety, Disaster Management, Incident Command Systems, Fire Safety, First Aid etc and coincidentally I have never practiced my Economics career but all through I have worked with different International organizations in careers connected to the courses I pursued part-time. I have several companies that have a connection with most of the part-time studies and exposure that I have gathered along the path. I don’t compare, I don’t compete but focus on my unique dreams, unique paths, working on myself through research and learning from mentors and have been scaling heights. Friends, passion pays and rewards if you work full time on it. Don’t stay there blaming the economy, government, your uncle, your parents, your career or your shags. Identify your talent, passion, special abilities and pursue it. You have unique deposits of greatness in you that if you tap and harness it you’ll touch and impact lives. My passion to impact lives moreso in the line of Safety has made me to be hosted by great media stations including BBC, have networked with the great including being invited severally to the state house and feasted with the president, boarded several flights including private jets to go impact lives, employ and contract alot of young people, be a home owner and landlord at the city, educate alot of young people from poor families, single handedly help build Several worship sanctuaries, among other dozens of humanity activities that I am involved in. You see, it all started with a desire to make a change and impact others then God helped me identify the ‘HOW’ because He is the way, the truth and life. Comparison is the death of energy, dreams and success. Don’t waste your precious time and energy comparing yourself with others. Only thing to compare is with you of yesterday and compete with you of today. Focus on getting better. Not comparing. Please subscribe to my You Tube channel for some inspirational content coming next week. Click

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