The Power in Reading Motivational Books

Today I received a call at 05:00am that left me amazed, inspired and humbled thinking about life. A lady who sounded to be in her late 40s called sharing about a transformational night that she had. She narrated how she had gone through years of stress, rejection, frustration and disappointments and everything not working for her. She had given herself a timeline to commit suicide and had promised herself that by 20th April midnight if nothing will have changed she would kill herself. Around 11pm while on her bed she decided to login to Facebook and leave some posts before committing suicide but coincidentally she bumped into a page and found an article that I had written and it stirred her up actually she told me, ‘When reading that article I heard God talking directly to me that nothing am going through is a surprise to Him, That He sees that end from the beginning, that He is working behind the scenes on my favor and that I arise and shine and get ready for a divine encounter.’ She sat on the bed, clicked on my page and when scrolling done she got my website, clicked the blogs segment and every piece she read felt like it was being addressed to her. At some point she stood up and opened the window to confirm why she felt like everything had changed and was in another world full of positiveness. She clicked on my publication and downloaded my book – Behind The Scenes and Dare Not quit – and started scrolling pages after pages and each statement she read was like a voice talking to her. She said that severally she felt like calling me but feared because it was late at night. Note, she is a stranger and not even a Facebook friend. When I received her call early morning I could hear and feel the excitement and one thing that amazed me is that after that moment of encounter and inspiration she took a note book and pen and started writing down positive things about her life and a way-forward plan. The books stirred up life in her. I was speechless and just encouraged her and later prayed for her.
Some weeks ago I received a text from a stranger around 8pm on my way home and the gentleman shared how he was struggling through rejection, lack of inner peace, confused about what was happening around him in life and so he decided to resign from his place of work in Westland. He decided to write a resignation letter but every time he went to drop it at the HR office he couldn’t get the courage. One evening while going home from work he decided to walk to town all the way from ABC place as he make the final decision and when he got to town along Kenyatta avenue, he realized that he was very tired and so stood somewhere to rest a bit. Next to him was a book vendor and when he looked at them he was attracted by a book titled – Dare Not Quit. He grabbed it, perused through it and every statement he read was like speaking to him. Immediately he negotiated the price and bought it and went board a matatu home and on the way and at night he read it and inside him crucial decisions were made. In the morning he woke up energized, inspired and with renewed strength, went to work still reading it inside the matatu, arrived very early in the morning and every one noticed the new energy and excitement in him. Around 3pm the Company CEO called him in her office and told him that for the last two months they had put him in a test because of a new assignment they wanted to give him, made his life difficult in the office and she told him that he qualified and there and then received a promotion and wonderful salary increment. The hard time he was going through his place of work, which was being orchestrated by the senior management was to prepare him for the next assignment just like David had to face the bear and lion before facing the Goliath and ultimately becoming the king. Joseph too had to go through a chain of hardships before becoming the prime minister. Dare not quit was the message. The gentleman sent a long thank you message and I was grateful to God and I took time to pray and thank God for His great works. These are just a few of the many testimonies and feedbacks that I regularly get from the books’ readers and to God be the glory.
Reading can drive and motivate you. When you are down, read stories from successful people or those who have overcome different challenges in life and learn how they have gone through tough times. You will feel inspired and motivated again.
When you read books of achievers, particularly those who have been physically challenged, either by birth or through accidents, their real life experiences are very motivating and helps one to shirk off laziness, depression and work smart. These books show one there is nothing one can’t achieve if you stay positive, hopeful and helpful.
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