Makinika Afrika International

Makinika Afrika is the #1 premier First Aid and Safety Training partner in the region.
It is approved by the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services(DOSHS) to offer First Aid and Safety Training at workplaces. We offer the best training experience in the region and equip you with the necessary skill that will help you respond to emergencies in a manner that is prompt, safe and effective.
We have courses such as:-
1. First Aid
2. Fire Safety
3. Wilderness first Aid
4. Home Safety
5. Church Safety
6. School Safety
7. First Aid for Babies and Children Care givers
8. Basic Life Support
9. Trauma Management
10. Disaster Preparedness and Response
11. Personal Safety and Wellness
12. Drugs and Substance Abuse
13. Road Safety
We conduct Training to companies, churches, Schools, Clubs, gated estates, Chama and other organized groups. To book for a training, Whatsapp my direct number 0724036078, email or log in #SafetyFirst #SafetyAlways #SafetyAllTheTime @Makinika_Afrika. For free safety videos and other safety material, please like and share

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