My friend, Let’s be honest, one of the most challenging roadblocks that we face in our journey to achieving our goals is keeping our momentum going. It is hard. There are days that we feel totally no motivation to do anything and we just want to relax and do nothing. So what should you do when you fail to come up with the drive and to keep your momentum going?
In my journey of pursuing my dreams of publishing books, entrepreneurship, being a safety Ambassador etc, most of the time I set up very nice and achievable goals and start pursuing them but somewhere I stop and quit. This includes studying the bible, going to the gym, avoiding watching the TV, attending home church fellowships, sleeping early at 9pm and waking up at 4am etc. I start and quit after several days. I can honestly say that the major problem is not motivation but keeping up the momentum.
In other words, to keep achieving and keep making progress, you must maintain your momentum to keep going.
Motivation: Reason for someone to act/behave in a certain way; a general desire and willingness for someone to do something.
Momentum: Force, or speed of movement; the driving force gained by the development of a process or course of an event.
I have come to realize and conclude that Progress only happens when motion exists and motion is the results of actions. Motivation gets us wanting to start, action gets us started, momentum gets us closer. So what we need more is Action that creates momentum.
I have been reading books and watching stuffs and have realized that High performers choose to determine their own motivation. They work, they hustle, they practice to create the momentum that ignites their motivation. They do not wait for motivation to find them.
High performers build habits and systems/disciplines that stick.
Imagine when you’re pushing a car to jumpstart it with friends. When you first approach the car and push it, you need to exert a strong force and push it with all your might.
But once the car started to move a little, it becomes easier. You just need to maintain the force you exert on the car to keep it moving. And if you continue to push the car with all your strength, the car will move faster and faster.
This is momentum at work, And when it comes to achieving your goals and taking consistent action each day, the same principle applies. When you first started, it may seem very difficult. You need to put in a lot of energy and effort to get things done. The momentum made it easier.
Example is writing articles like I regularly do every day. I have so far written about 720 blogs on different topics and Authored 4 books by the grace of God. If you have never written an article before, writing your first article can be a challenging task. You will feel that it is extremely difficult to do.
But if you continue to push on. Things become easier. This is because you have gained momentum and slowly, you get used to the process of doing it. If you write an article a day, after a few weeks or months, it will become a normal task for you. You don’t feel it to be as difficult as when you first started anymore.
The same goes for losing weight. You’re not going to lose all the weight in just one session of exercise. At some point I lost 12kgs within one month but the following month I gained 7 more. I was not consistent enough. You need to be consistent, enthusiastic and passionate. You have to stick to your plan and do it every day.
It will be tough at first, but once you get over it, it will become easy for you.
When you love what you do, you will continue to do it even when things are difficult or when you are not getting paid. But if you’re doing it for the money, you will give up soon enough when you don’t earn any money from your work.
Find your why. Discover your purpose behind your goals, your dreams, and why you do what you do. This is what keeps me going. As an Ambassador of Safety two of my companies deals with Safety, and it is not money that pushes me but purpose. The Why factor.
When you know your why, always keep it in your mind. Visualize and focus on the rewards and your purpose.
Your purpose builds your desire. Your desire will build your momentum and give you the motivation that you need to keep going.
Most people don’t understand what they want out of their lives and they have no idea what they’re passionate about.
Today, just ask yourself, “What is that one action I can take right now(immediately in the next 5 minutes) towards my goal?” Do It!!!
Building and maintaining your momentum is extremely important and requires you to be habitual and radical when it comes to achieving your goals. People fail to follow through their plans because they lose their momentum somewhere along the line.
Successful people understand the power of momentum. If you want to achieve extraordinary results in life, you need momentum. So learn to build your momentum, keep it, maintain it, and grow it.
When you have momentum, you become unstoppable.
Do you have a dream, goal, vision, calling, aspiration that is really stirring you up and you feel that once you achieve it you gonna become great? My Friend, Hang in there! Don’t give up! Keep pushing! Keep fighting! Stay strong! Never give up! Never say ‘die’! Come on! You can do it better!!!!!!!
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Amb. Steve Mbugus is an enthusiastic Ambassador of Safety and wellness with in-depth training, safety advisory and Workplace Safety Behavior Change Coaching experience. He is the am the Founder and Executive Director of Makinika Afrika Int’l , a Health and Safety Training Firm in Kenya  and Group CEO  Nairobi Safety Shop Limited, the largest Security, Safety and Health Store in the East and Central Africa and Managing Director, Stewa Safaris Kenya Limited a Premier  Tours and  Travels Company in Kenya.

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