A Changed Mindset and the Grace of God

Some days ago while doing a safety standards evaluation at Garden city mall I met with my undergraduate project supervisor, Dr. Kiano, who really wanted to know how am applying my Economics degree skills but I told him that since I graduated I have never worked as an economist rather serving as an experienced safety consultant, business person and farmer. He said, ‘Ambia hawa mandugu zako wanagraduate wawe na open mind kwa sababu hakuna kazi guaranteed imeandikwa kwa ukuta inawangoja.’ I smiled and told him, I didn’t expect that from a lecturer.’ He insisted that he is retiring to venture on serious business to shift from preparing professionals to preparing employment opportunities. Think about it. My advise to the many people graduating this year, a degree does not guarantee you a job neither does the course that you studied guarantee you a job in that line, rather, it opens your mind, gives you options, ideas and basic knowledge to build your dynasty/empire/kingdom. The experience and exposure that you gained from the university can turn things around, change and influence a lot of lives.
Again you don’t need a degree to make it in life. You need a changed mindset and the grace of God. I wish you God’s blessings as you find out your purpose and live a purpose driven life.

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