First Aid Training

There are many cases where knowledge of first aid can be useful, and some where it is essential. From minor injuries to major emergencies, a working familiarity with first aid practice can limit injuries sustained by a victim and, in some cases, can actually save a life. First Aid skills could be the difference between a life lost and a life saved and is a crucial skill for all.

First Aid Course is clear, informative and skill based. It covers a wide variety of injuries and conditions, and enables even the most inexperienced person to provide victims with immediate preliminary aid. The training is practical based and is presented in both English, Swahili and where need be in mother tongue thus taking care of those with very basic literacy levels.

Emergency situations require immediate action and the inexperienced first aider can easily find him or herself at a loss to know what to do. Our training has been designed to help the first aider cope with such situations. Major injuries are clearly distinguished from explanatory information, and ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ are clearly marked, so that even the lay person can, at a glance, know what to look for and ensure that the best possible preliminary treatment is given to the victim. The participant are taken through the generally accepted guidelines/principles such as Emergency Scene Management, Life Threatening Priorities, Primary Survey, Secondary Survey, Right treatment position, Right treatment procedure and EMS Activation.

From removing splinters to coping with heart attacks, from dealing with Asthma attack to dealing with Epilepsy, from Spinal injuries to burns, Soft Tissue Injuries, Poisoning, Internal bleeding, amputation and the life threatening conditions and this training will be inevitable companion at a workplace, church, school, at home or when travelling. The training gives you the necessary skill that enables you to respond to an incident promptly, effectively and safely.

Contact me today via or 0724036078 and I will help you select a competent First Aid Training service provider, assess your team as well as conduct a minor Emergency drill to test the preparedness of your team.

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