Today as I commission a team of young Paramedics, Fire Fighters and Instructors that I have been mentoring and coaching over the year my heart is full of joy because am convinced that these young guys will do greater works of saving lives and causing great influence in the line of Health and Safety. I know they’ll do great things at their individual level than I have done and the dream I have of a Culture of Safety will come true over time. They are my Timothy’s and Elisha’s in the line of Safety and Wellness. #Mentorship #Inspiring
If each one of the people I’ve trained on First Aid would save one life in their lifetime we would have hundreds of thousands of lives saved. If each one of the people I’ve trained on Fire Safety would prevent one Fire incident in their lifetime we would have thousands of Fire incidents prevented. I know without fear of contradiction that I did my best in my assignment and everyone who went through my hands in training was thoroughly equipped with life saving skills and is an ambassador of Safety where s/he is. I thank God for the knowledge and passion He gave me on matters Safety and all assignments He gave me I diligently did them, and as I move to the next assignment and mandate I know His grace will be sufficient. See you in the next global assignment. Service to Mankind is Service to God. Just Tenda Wema Nenda Zako #Transition #NextAssignment

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