Tomorrow Saturday 10th September is World First Aid Day 2022.
World First Aid Day is a global observance held on the second Saturday in September every year since 2000 with an objective of Raising awareness of how first aid can save lives.
The theme for this year’s World First Aid Day is ‘Lifelong Learning First Aid’.
World First Aid Day aims at raising awareness of how first aid can prevent injuries and save lives in everyday and crisis situations, as well as at promoting the accessibility of the first aid. Events and activities held on this day focus on first aid training. Every year, a new global theme for the day is chosen, and participants are encouraged to plan events according to the current year’s theme.
The term “first aid” refers to the initial assistance given to anyone suffering a sudden injury or illness. Its main goals are to preserve life, promote recovery and prevent the condition from worsening. It is not always performed by medical personnel. In emergency situations, ordinary people often have to perform first aid to save someone’s life.
First aid does not necessarily require any prior knowledge and can involve improvisation. However, if the person performing first aid doesn’t know what they are doing, they might hurt instead of helping. That is why it is encouraged that people to undergo basic first aid training or at least educate themselves using any available reliable sources.
First Aid could make a difference between a life saved and life lost thus a crucial life saving skills.
Make an effort, a priority to equip yourself with First Aid Knowledge this year.
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