Personal Branding

How to create your own brand name.
Personal branding is important because it gives an individual a competitive edge.

Personal brands are like shadows that follow you around whether or not you want them to. Its present even if you may not see it. It entails how you conduct yourself on a day-to-day basis.

Personal branding is defined as a method of marketing oneself towards self development. The aim is to build relationships with your surrounding. Creating a brand helps in career development involving a distinct character.

To create a brand takes time. Nevertheless it is totally worth it in the long run. It is not enough to have accounts on all social media platforms. Identify something that your audience can relate to you. Be it fashion, humour, satire just to mention a few

What it takes to create a brand

1. Build trust

Trust is not something that will happen instantly. It cannot be purchased but earned. Take time to earn it the best way you know how. Be sure to be honest at all times

2. Identify your space

Identify a specific area you are comfortable with in your career. What is it you are best at? Conduct a personal SWOT. This will help answer the question and use that to build your brand

3. Be a leader

You may not be the best at what you do, but take time to create your own space. Everyone is unique in their own way. Take time to cultivate the leader in you. This is possible if you build trust with the right people.

You don’t qualify to lead if you cannot listen to people that don’t agree with you.


To become an expert in your field, you need to be willing to learn. There is nothing like too much information. Be a researcher, love books, be passionate about what you do. Be honest and truthful at all times.

For example for a marketer you must be willing to use the product you are putting out there otherwise it could be a disaster.

A successful brand translates in personal development and a successful career

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