In keeping with the changing times we must be cognizant of new realities that did not exist many years ago. The new ways of doing things brings with it new challenges which then puts a demand on us to find innovative ways to tackle them. Just to mention a few….
1.Evolvement of online church. There is a big number of online followers through YouTube, Facebook and videos shared by members via WhatsApp. They too need to be considered and be informed. Almost everyone who attends your church for the first time has already been to your church virtually…online, or heard about it.

2.Need for bigger and spacious car Parking slots as more believers drive to church. This creates the need to have a designated team for the parking area to receive, help arrange the vehicles, greet the congregation at the parking and record the vehicle details.

3.Preference of congregation to take photos and videos during the sermon or various presentations for future reference. Some churches allow these while others don’t. The ushers must be aware of these and help to enforce the policy of the church in this regard.

4.More church members preferring to pay tithe and offerings via mobile money transfer, bank account or visa card rather than dropping at the offering bag. Ushers must be well informed and able to guide congregants who may need details of paybill numbers or specific account numbers to use.

5.Most are people not sensitive with their dress codes when coming to church thus causing distractions and creating unnecessary attention

6.Kidnapping and child abduction is on the rise thus there is need to have tight security and children control within the sanctuary. No kid should be left to walk out of the church compound without being accompanied by their guardian or parents who are well known by the ushers.
7.The need for a nursing room for breast feeding mothers and those who want to change their young ones.
8.The children playing on the bouncing castles and other play facilities should always be monitored by one or more ushers to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves
Every effective ushering team must be on the lookout to identify emerging trends and seek to put in place necessary systems and protocols.
Innovation is a must for us to maintain an excellent service to God and to his people. We must be ready to think and adjust quickly in our methods of operation when need arises.
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