God Exceedingly Responded to my Need, When I Responded to a stranger’s Need.

Friends, I don’t know what you are going through but I feel like encouraging you to look at the situation positively and set your mindset right. God Exceedingly Responded to my Need, When I Responded to a stranger’s Need.
One day I was very broke, very very broke indeed that even affording the Ksh 6,000 house I had rented at Githurai 45 was a problem. This is around 2016 and my wife and I really survived. I remember this one day that I was at the CBD going home and didn’t have fare to Githurai as I was expecting to get Ksh 250 from somebody which could have become my fare, dinner and breakfast for my family as well as fare to town the following day and leave something at home for my family’s lunch.
While stuck at Ronald Ngara Street wondering what to do at some point I decide to go to an ATM lobby to check whether somebody accidentally deposited some cash in my account but the account was reading negative.
Stuck there, a friend of mine passed by, was happy to see me but I did not have guts to tell him what was happening. He requested that we go to a cafe and take tea but I informed him that time could not allow so he gave me Ksh 100(kwa sababu umekataa chai, enda ukakunyie mbele). I could not believe that. He had given me a Ksh 50 note and the others were coins. Fare to Githurai was Ksh 50 around that time but I could wait upto 8pm to pay Ksh 30. After he left and I was there budgeting the cash, a guy came looking hungry, weak and confused and he requested that I help him with Ksh 50 as fare home as he had gone to look for a Kibarua but was not successful. He was a stranger but as am always compassionate, I gave him Ksh 50 and I was left with 50. Remember there was no supper at home, no breakfast, no fare to town for the following day and no lunch for the following day.
I had an urge not to wait for the fare to go down but go home straight away and so I boarded a Virginia Coach to Githurai 45 and paid the Ksh 50.
While at past Muthaiga on Thika Superhighway, a friend of mine who was then living at Zimmerman called me and asked me where I was and informed me that he really wanted to see me urgently. I told him where I was. He told me to alight at Roysambu and go to his house and I did so. Immediately my phone went off as it was battery low so I could not communicate even with my wife to inform her that I did not have supper and would come late.
When I entered his house, he was excited to see me, we took tea and snacks together with his wife and a guest. Later he said that he was guilty because he did not come to visit us when my wife gave birth. Our daughter was about one year then. He told the wife to “Leta hako kakitu”. The wife came with a paper bag with some food stuff, shopping, pampers, fruits etc and an envelope that had Ksh 3,500. She told me that it was their gift for our baby. Do you know how I felt? It was an answered prayer. The shopping pushed us for about two weeks. That is how God worked it out. He always does things for us. Huwa anatushughulikia at every phase of our lives, sometimes through strangers. That day my life brought joy to a stranger at the street and shortly God brought joy to us.
It is a fact that God Has a great plan for each one of us and what you are going through He Has allowed it, and He is behind the scene just like how in a puppet show there is a guy behind the scene guiding the puppet and the audience laugh from the outcome. You are the puppet and God is in control whether the people around are laughing or disappointed by you. Soon they will rise celebrating you.
Just make sure you do not miss any opportunity because whether you seize or miss them, they will impact your life. Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.
Just don’t let the people around you to pull you down, what you want, what you are desiring right now, you can get it and deserves it. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want.
There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. We are all different. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there’s life, there is hope. It is hope that keeps us going and if you have God, time, hope and yourself then you can be and get whatever you desires. In the process of waiting on God, pull up your antenna that you are keen to hear what the Lord is telling you to do. He may tell you to do something and once you obey He manifest His power, grace, splendor and majesty. You remember the woman who had some floor and oil and she had to cook for the prophet and wonders happened?? Sometimes at your hour of desperation and need you might be tested and once you pass the test then angels will come fast to deal with your situation and there will be supernatural intervention. Learn to hear God at your hour of need. What if I didn’t help that needy guy at the street at my hour of need? Would I have passed the test?
God Exceedingly Responded to my Need, When I Responded to a stranger’s Need.
You know, the ancient Egyptians had a beautiful belief about death. When their souls got to the entrance to heaven, the guards asked two questions. Their answers determined whether they were able to enter or not. ‘Have you found joy in your life?’ ‘Has your life brought joy to others?’” Just trust in GOD, face your life positively and in the process let your life bring joy to others.

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Amb. Steve Mbugus is an enthusiastic Ambassador of Safety and wellness with in-depth training, safety advisory and Workplace Safety Behavior Change Coaching experience. He is the am the Founder and Executive Director of Makinika Afrika Int’l , a Health and Safety Training Firm in Kenya  and Group CEO  Nairobi Safety Shop Limited, the largest Security, Safety and Health Store in the East and Central Africa and Managing Director, Stewa Safaris Kenya Limited a Premier  Tours and  Travels Company in Kenya.

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Wow! Worth reading and sharing again and again. Very inspiring

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