Children Safety Rules

A child’s right to explore, play and discover is something that as parents and caregivers we must protect. It enables them to develop, grow and learn, and become confident, capable characters.
As much as you would wish to give your children maximum protection, it is not possible to be with them 24/7 and so we need to educate them on how to be personally responsible and safety conscious. The earlier you start conversations surrounding basic safety the better, and it needs to be an ongoing conversation.
Basic safety tips every child should know

1. Always have parents or guardian Contact information in your mind.
2. Never go anywhere with a stranger
3. Always observe Road safety when walking, riding, skating or playing with peers
4. If you get lost, stay where you are
5. Do not share personal information online
6. Respect things that are dangerous and avoid them. Always Be Careful(ABC)
7. Your body is yours only. Avoid people touching your body
8. Don’t keep secrets. Share with parents, guardians or teachers
9. Trust Your instincts. If ever you are unsure about an activity you have been encouraged to do, don’t do it – even if that means stepping away from everyone else in the group.

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