Waiting on God

In 2012 after clearing my final University exams and went home waiting for graduation, I started doing alot of voluntary work in Nakuru as well as visiting the neighboring schools to motivate students. I was very broke literally. One day when clearing some bushes an acquittance from campus called me and told me that St John Ambulance had advertised for a Trainers position and he felt it was my job. I told him I was in shags and didn’t have cash to go to cyber in town to apply but he insisted that was my opportunity. Inside I felt it wasn’t time and was following up on a teaching Job in one of the nearby private school. This guy had studied Community Development and I had studied Economics so I felt he had better qualifications for the opportunity and yet he was jobless too. Surprisingly he sent me Ksh 250 to go to Nakuru town to apply for the job in a cyber and also he copied the advert and sent to my email to make the work easier.
I applied and by God incidents I was shortlisted. The requirements was a Masters or Undergraduate degree in Public Health, Medicine, Disaster Management or Health and Safety with a 3 years experience.
I had pursued BA Economics, not graduated but had 1st and 2nd year transcripts with no experience so I didn’t deserve to be shortlisted.
In campus I was a member of Kenya Red cross, St John Ambulance, Peer Counselling amongst other social well-being organizations so I had alot of certificates for short courses and volunteer activities.
We went for the 1st interview and because I had not visited Nairobi alone before I got lost and my interview which was slotted for 9am was pushed to 4pm. After the 1st interview I was invited for a 2nd one and I got the job by the grace of God.
Remember I was not qualified for the job but by God’s grace I was hired and within 3yrs I became a head of department by the grace of God.
I was busy clearing bushes at home in Murunyu shags, somebody who was looking for a job and had better qualifications gets an opportunity, is convinced I deserved it and goes further to send me fare and cyber fees and I got the job which I wasn’t qualified.
Have you been praying, waiting and in the verge of giving up?
Do you think your situation has gone on too long? Do you think there is too much water under the bridge for anything to change now? Saul, later called Paul, was in the middle of his journey of persecuting more Christians. God stopped him suddenly in his tracks. God did not stop him before he started. God did not stop him when he arrived. He was somewhere in between. He was going about his daily life and on a mission as always when SUDDENLY, there was God. God can show up in your present situation seemingly out of nowhere, though He is everywhere. Things will go just as they have been when God suddenly steps in and turns things around. Do not lose hope or heart. Do not give up. Today may be the day you experience your needed visit, where everything begins to change. Your Damascus road encounter is coming to a spot near you soon. Watch and wait for it.
Suddenly things will turn on your favor using the stream you list expected and there will be a total change of affairs. Suddenly your name and status will change. You will get an opportunity which you do not qualify for, your acquittance and even strangers will connect you with great opportunities that will change your life. It is when you list expect that your elevation and acceleration will come. Just watch and wait

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