Ukipewa Perform

Ukipewa perform……
A lot of times people have gotten wonderful opportunities but end up not giving their best. They mess up and unfortunately never gets such a chance again. There are two critical things you need to know when starting any venture; Having repeat clients and your clients referring you to other potential ones. This is determined by your performance. As an employee, perform. When given a contract, perform. When given a tender, perform. When given a chance, perform. A POOR person is a Person who Overlooks Opportunities Repeatedly or one that under performs when given a chance. This includes even being poor in bed, poor in cooking, poor in handling guests, poor in driving, poor in time management… Some opportunities knocks once. Others are a stepping stone to the next phase. You never know who is watching silently. Maybe your destiny carrier or connector is watching as you give it 20% instead of giving it 120%. When given a chance to prove your worth, do it like a pro. Do your homework well. Prepare purposefully. David in the Bible preformed when he got a chance to fight Goliath. Eliud Kipchoge performed when he was dared to try Enios challenge. I remember one day at KICC I was given a chance to make a presentation to the First Lady, Governor Kidero, Senator Sonko and CS Macharia former health cabinet secretary amongst other dignitaries on First Aid and Safety within a short period of time and because am always prepared I did my best and that’s when I was declared as an Ambassador of Safety. Nilipewa chance nikaperform. For a politician, given a chance to participate in presidential or any debate you have to perform. In an interview, perform. Basically, prepare so well in private(behind the scenes) so that when given a chance in public you’ll perform well. Do your homework well. Dominion over time requires you to always be prepared that when an opportunity shows up, you step in and possess. Ukipewa, perform.

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