The ‘Why’ and The ‘When’

There was a time your major wish was to have someone send you a success card but today its nothing to you. A time you prayed that your primary school mathematics teacher would not come to class because you had not finished homework but that is nothing to you today. There was a time my mother was negotiating with one Mr Githuku to take me and teach me how to repair shoes after failing in my KCPE and though he didn’t offer the chance that is gone now. I was rejected by many ladies because I was poor and didn’t have anything, actually one said that ‘Mwanaume gani haezi afford airtime, yani hauna hata TV kwa nyumba?… that is no longer an issue, actually she later called me years later watching me on a national TV and acknowledging how God had remembered me….Even the desire you have today will be nothing tomorrow. You will be laughing out loud with people as you share of your past, humble beginning.
Friend, God is able to do exceedingly more than what you are praying for, wishing, thinking of or desiring and soon it will be nothing to you.
Ephesians3:20AMP Now to Him who is able to [carry out His purpose and] do super abundantly more than all that we dare ask or think [infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams], according to His power that is at work within us.

You might be experiencing very alarming delays eg you are 40 years and not yet married or married for 10 years and still don’t have a child. You have been jobless for 5 years and almost giving up. Am here to encourage you that delay is not denial. The delay is for a purpose. Labda unalipa gharama ya zile baraka na utukufu utakayo pokea. It is not a surprise to God. You are work in progress and behind the scene He is preparing a table and stage for you and He will ensure the world witness His doing in your life. The hardest part about accepting the saying “everything happens for a reason” is waiting for that reason to come along. The ‘why’ and the ‘when’ is with God so yours is to trust and wait patiently. Kindly and quietly sing the song that goes,’Trust and obey, for there is no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but, TO TRUST AND OBEY.’ Let go the worries and let God do His thing, what He is good at.
There are a lot of times that we feel like our hands are tied – ‘I have no control over if I’m going to lose my job.’ ‘I have no control over if I’m going to be able to pay my bills.’ You’ve got to realize that that’s where your trust comes in. You have to trust God, and keep your hope, because your hope is what produces your faith.
Remember, it is not a surprise to God but He will surprise you and ensure you see His hand in that situation. We don’t have to know the future to have faith in God. We have to have faith in God to be secure of the future.
God is a faithful God! You may be praying for things that haven’t happened yet, but just because things aren’t happening on your timetable doesn’t mean they aren’t going to happen. Don’t give up on that promise; God has the final say. Don’t let discouragement or negative thoughts talk you out of it. Get your fire back! Get your passion back. If God said it, He will do it. If God spoke it, He will bring it to pass.
This is what the apostle Paul did in scripture. He said, “None of these things move me.” What were “these things?” Circumstances that looked impossible. Persecution. People trying to talk him out of it. Negative, discouraging thoughts. His attitude was, “That doesn’t change my mind. I’m not moved by what I see. I’m moved by what I know, and I know if God be for me, who dare be against me? I know all of God’s promises are yes and amen. I know God has the final say!”
Today could be the day so put up the conqueror stamina, you are about to receive that trophy.
Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be. Job8:7 May God bless you, favor you and anoint you for greatness today.
Don’t be a NEGAHOLIC OR IMPOSSICANT person. Negaholics are people who become addicted to self-doubt and negativity. They find the bad in most things and are hardly ever satisfied. Impossicant is derived from Impossible and Can’t. People who believe that the situation cannot change and it is not possible to change the current status. Nothing is impossible with God.
God hears and He sees. God is the best listener, you don’t need to shout, nor cry out loud. Because He hears even the very silent prayer of a sincere heart.
Exodus3:7Amp The Lord said, “I have in fact SEEN the affliction (suffering, desolation) of My people who are in Egypt, and HAVE HEARD their cry because of their taskmasters (oppressors); for I KNOW their pain and suffering. 8 So I HAVE COME DOWN to rescue them from the hand (power) of the Egyptians, and to bring them up from that land to a land [that is] good and spacious..
Look at this, the Israelites had suffered for very many years and it is not that God was not aware, but there was an appointed time for their miracle. He says in this chapter, I HAVE SEEN, I HAVE HEARD, I KNOW, and so I HAVE COME DOWN.
God is saying this day to you my friend, I HAVE SEEN your affliction, setbacks, frustration, pain, loss, delays, shame, scars, lack, and I HAVE HEARD your cry and lamentation, I KNOW what you are going through and am even aware of what they made you go through. I KNOW what you deserve, and, I HAVE COME DOWN to rescue you and to make things right for you. God Has come to act on your behalf.
Isaiah43:18AMP Do not remember the former things, Or ponder the things of the past. 19 “Listen carefully, I am about to do a new thing, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it?
I will even put a road in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert.
In my previous writings I have severally shared about my journey of pursuits and one was my transition from Primary School to Secondary School where even my parents would not afford money for me to go for circumcision together with my age mates so I had to sell Kereio(left over maize) to get Ksh 500 that was being charged then.

Remember after I failed on my KCPE, I didn’t get any admission letter from any secondary school and so we started to look for a course which would fit me and that was fundi wa viatu which unfortunately I couldn’t get any opportunity. Even the family friend fundi who already was training very many young men said that I didn’t look like nitashikanisha, so he rejected me, but on March 1998 a neighbor called Baba Kaiba who was quite concerned helped me get a letter from Jemus Academy and Bavuni High School and so I enrolled quite late in Bavuni and because of late admission I was being Monorized even by Monos but thanks to a guy called Ouko and the late Njogu Kariithi who would always come to my rescue. In that year First term I was position 39 out of 39, second term 36 out of 38 and third term 38 out of 40 and so I dropped out of school in first term form two due to lack of school fees and low self esteem caused by the poor performance, BUT, GOD was still at the thrown and when my appointed time came and I went back to school four(4) years later, I got grade A minus in my KCSE, went to the university and pursued Pure Economics and scored Second Class Upper Hons and later I have done further studies on Health, safety, Security and Disaster Management even from institutions abroad and today am invited in many Workshops, seminars and conferences as a consultant delegate. God changed the story. He Saw, He Heard, He Knew and He Came and changed my story. Just imagine being academically dull, drop out of school for four years and get intoxicated with drugs and engaged in other vices, come back to school after four years and become the 4th best student in Anestar High School one of the best schools in Nakuru. God showed up and changed my situation and He is coming to show up in your situation.
Remember, don’t be Negaholic or Impossican’t person but raise up your shoulder, head high, fold up your sleeves and get set to receive and possess your breakthrough, NOW.
God is doing a new thing for you so forget the affliction, the pain, the anguish, the shame and now prepare for the appointed time which is now.

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Amb. Steve Mbugus is an enthusiastic Ambassador of Safety and wellness with in-depth training, safety advisory and Workplace Safety Behavior Change Coaching experience. He is the am the Founder and Executive Director of Makinika Afrika Int’l , a Health and Safety Training Firm in Kenya  and Group CEO  Nairobi Safety Shop Limited, the largest Security, Safety and Health Store in the East and Central Africa and Managing Director, Stewa Safaris Kenya Limited a Premier  Tours and  Travels Company in Kenya.

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