The Power of One(1) and Zero(0)

If numbers in Mathematics were allowed to speak, some will accuse zero (0) and one (1) because any number multiplied by zero gives you zero. Example, 20,000,000 X 0 = 0. Zero can bring down big numbers to nothing. Some human beings are like zero. If you associate with them, no matter how great your value is, they will bring you down to zero.
What about one (1)?
Any number multiplied by one remains the same (unchanged), no matter how big it is. Example, 20,000,000 X 1 = 20,000,000. Some people are like one. No matter how they touch your life, you remain the same. You will not grow, you will not improve, you just remain where you are.
What kind of person are you and who are your associates?
May God separate us from everyone carrying the spirit of one (1) and zero (0).
May God also help us to grow and be greater than one so that when we touch the lives of others, we will add value.

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